Exclusive interview with Netsky.

Posted: May 23, 2012 in Interviews, News
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23-year-old Boris Daenen, a.k.a Netsky from Edegem near Antwerp doesn’t need introduction anymore. After earning nomination as “Best Upcoming Producer” at the Drum + Bass Arena Awards in 2008 and fulfilled this ambition two years later with “Best Newcomer Producer” award we can freely say that he’s the fastest up rising star of drum and bass! Having hectic schedule, touring around the world and album about to release it is almost a miracle to catch him, however DrumandBass.nl crew managed to do the almost impossible! Hereby we’re happy to present you the exclusive interview with Netsky. Enjoy!

What made you first realise you want to pursue a career in music?

Well you never know until you start making music. I started really early, when I was 14 or 15. At that age you can’t really get your family to support you, you can’t really say I want to make music and just go for it, because you’re still at school, still studying. I have been always interested in electronic music; I’m really into film music and soundscapes and I have been always trying to re-create them. At that time YouTube and MySpace were starting up.  I just started listening to stuff. You get redirected to other stuff so easily, you can build up really big musical experience just surfing on your own for couple of hours on the Internet. I think that is what did it for me. I got in touch with the right people. I started chatting with producers. But before that I grew up with my dad’s listening to 70’s, jazz, funk and a little bit of 80‘s. I think I started doing music because I saw his love for music. I loved the music he used to play. I think this inspired me the most. I just wanted to make my dad proud. It might sound like a very cheesy teenage movie (laughs) but I really wanted to make my dad proud. My family means a lot to me.

First you were doing electro and house right?

Yeah, electro was the first thing I started making.

Why drum and bass then? You have heard Gold Digger from High Contrast and that made you want to produce drum and bass? 

Yeah, it’s probably not the first drum and bass tune I have heard but it’s probably the first that really stuck to my mind at that point. I still remember my first proper drum and bass party I went to in Belgium and they played it right after I came in.

Who was playing then?

I think it was G Dub, it’s been ages ago, like 8 years ago.

How did you manage to achieve so much so fast? What’s your recipe for success?

That’s a good question… I can’t really explain that. I am extremely happy that it all happened to me. I guess it’s because I know a lot of really good people. I have been with really good labels so far. Hospital Records is treating me very well. From the start I only needed a solid friend’s base; they have been always there for me supporting me in everything I do. If you go for success forgetting about your roots, where you come from, you are just going to crash at the end of your ride. And that’s the thing that gets me alive, proper friend’s that don’t only like me because I’m a Dj. This all together with a good label, good musical background, which my dad gave me, helped me to achieve what I have now.

It’s a combination of so many things. Whenever you want to go for something in the music business and whenever people are enjoying a sound you make I think you can get that. People only think about technical stuff like “how should I write the music”, but this is such a small part, its only 10 % of success. You’ve got to have the right people around you.

You have loads of bookings in UK, haven’t you ever thought about moving there?

To be honest, the first year I was playing there a lot and I was really thinking about it. I love UK for the music scene, but there are too many things I don’t like. However, I fell in love with Brighton; I think that’s the most liveable city in UK for me. Some call it London by the sea. I think it is total opposite of London, it’s so relaxed.

After a massive success of your last album what’s in the pipeline now?

I just finished my new album yesterday! I’m so relaxed.  I just want to get a beer and celebrate. It will be released probably 25th of June. It will be called Netsky 2, we had so many names in our heads, but we thought since the first one was called Netsky we’re just going to call it Netsky 2 so people can see that there is some progress. Lately, I have been listening to a lot of indie rock and some dubstep also. I think this album will be much different from the first one.

Did you ever consider producing “darker” drum and bass?

Sure, I’ve done some stuff for my new album, it’s not really that dark, but it’s definitely different.

What inspires you?

I think travelling is a big part of my inspiration nowadays. Before that it was just the music I have heard back home, now it has a lot to do with the countries I visit. If you go to places like New Zealand or South Africa you will feel really inspired. I have been to South Africa in March; it was the best experience in my entire life, mind blowing!

Do you have an idea what the track will be like before you start producing or you just totally improvise? 

Yeah, that’s a good question, sometimes you do, sometimes you don’t. Sometimes you’re just like “I want to make a track” and you’re like “I want to make that”, and you make it and an hour after it sounds totally different than you imagined. I don’t have a song in my head I want to produce it doesn’t work like that. I guess if you play guitar or just one instrument, it’s different. If you make a whole song from nothing it’s so easy to change the tempo do totally different drum sections, do totally different string sections, do another guitar leak. Because it’s so easy it’s very hard to concentrate on one thing. Often you feel like “oh that’s sounds great” and you start concentrating on that and then the whole track sounds different.

How do you know it’s done?

You never know it. There’s very famous saying how you master your track: you never finish your mixer you only abandon it at some point. You’re just like yeah I will leave it alone, but you are never happy with it. I’ll be never happy with anything creative I do, until I see people smiling, see them enjoying themselves.

When you listen to your last album you still feel like you could have done something differently?

Oh yes.


How would you describe your music to someone who has no idea about drum and bass and what you do?

Energy, melodies and happy vibes. It’s all about energy to me, positive vibes and musicality I guess.

You managed to develop your own unique style, props for that!

Thank you. I guess a lot of people do the same kind of sound now; the last couple of year’s people have been doing the same kind of musical, liquid vibe. It’s hard to stand out and that’s the only thing as a producer you really want to do, something totally different.

What are your dream collaborations?

Fat Freddy’s Drop. Joe from Fat Freddy’s Drop has an amazing voice. Apart of that I’ve met a lot of interesting people. I’d love to do some stuff with house people like Martin Solveig. He‘s amazing. It’s not like I’m going to go into that direction, but it’s great to get some influences into drum and bass.

What do you think about Dutch drum and bass scene?

Noisia is amazing; I’m really into it.

What about the Dutch crowd?

I’ve been here a few times already. It’s wicked!

Any advice to someone who wants to produce music?

Start slowly. Get some programs. Next step is not to listen to anybody in the whole world. Just try to find a sound that’s not like any other sound. Don’t ask how you make that or that. I get about thousands of emails a week „how did you make that sound, how did you make that drum“. I’m not replying to them, people shouldn’t ask that, people should just try to make something different. I want to do something amazing, I want to stand out, and that’s a problem with a lot of people, they are like „I want to be able to do what you do because you succeeded” and they think that they will also. It’s not like that. You’ve got to get something from your own heart, something you going to write yourself, not copy. You should definitely never hide your work; you should get it out there, if people will like it you will just become an amazing artist. You have nothing to lose! And remember to keep your friends!

Thank you very much! It was nice talking to you!

Fantastic, cheers!

Exclusively for DrumandBass.nl: Monika Kalinowska.

To read it in dutch click here.

Stay tuned!


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